Why Feminism Is A Threat

For humanists who are not being held back by tradoreligious beliefs

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I think the society over the years and centuries is responsible for the spoilt psychology of the male with respect to the rules of gender engagement.

Misogynism is a transferred mentality mostly from the social consent of the society. “Women ought to do this and this”, “a GOOD woman remains married”, “the divorced woman is a bad and uncultured woman”, “a good wife tolerates whatever her husband does”, etc these and many other social mental structure is responsible for arousing and raising men of fractured reasoning which subsequently tailors the misogynistic personality.

Once the society is embedded in the mentality that a woman ought to take whatever a man throws at her in a relationship, and the male is groom to think he is not in a position to maintain decorum and chivalry in his relationship, such a society is run by fractured minds.

The African society is wrapped in…

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Nigerian Preachers: The Demons Bewitching Nigerians.

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By Imoh David-twitter: @ImohDavid

In Nigeria, there are four rams, sorry arms of government: the ExecuTHIEVES, legislathieves, JUJUciary and the unofficially declared Priesthieves. All of them together make a clown out of our nation. They work unanimously in looting, defrauding, abusing and shaming the Nigerian citizens and the state in general. If they disagree between themselves they are merely aggrieved on who is having the biggest loot of the day, or how the man in charge goes about his looting and not because they wish to do anything better for the nation. In those days, we use to have the “Milithieves” but most of them decamped into executhieves since the era of “milithievery” was over.

The priesthieves are the unofficial arm of government in Nigeria. In Nigeria, we have the Aso Rock, National Assembly, the courts of Justice and finally CAN as the citadel that houses our officials. As a…

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Obalende; A Suburb Of Feaces, Urine, Dirt And Unthinkable Pollution.

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“For Today’s youth, no issue ranks as high as the environment in shaping the world in which they are growing up.” The Peter .D. Hart Research Associates Report.

In 1984, when the military government of Major-General Buhari promulgated a decree (War Against Indiscipline) forbidding street trading in the capital of Lagos, a major source of income for many thousands of Lagos people, many people screamed foul but it seemed a good idea to many others who were tired of the corruption and ill-manners of many Nigerians.
Deaf to protests, Police arrested street vendors and confiscated their wares, chased away beggars and locked up touts, flogged civil servants for late coming. It was generally a doomsday period. The evils corrupt Nigerians perpetuated have come to roost and it had no plans of leaving.
The campaign was designed to foster greater personal and social discipline amongst Nigerians, with Nigerians being made to…

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