Caster Semenya’s Gold; the World’s Burden

I’m happy for Semenya but can’t ignore the moral questions her victory raise.


For the sake of sports, I hope that the furor surrounding the participation of Caster Semenya at the 31st Olympiad will be resolved soon.  Those who view her victory in the 800m as one for equality are simply being economical with the truth and rather unfair to the non hyperandrogenic women she competed with. Both sides need equal protection. It is true that Ms. Semenya is a woman. After all, that is the gender has identifies with considering that she’s intersex with internal testes and no ovaries. But she didn’t run that race on fair basis, which is the spirit of the Olympics. She was juiced up on testosterone and any other woman with that level of male hormones in her will be appropriately banned.

Caster Semenya

The protest against her inclusion at the games has nothing to do with gender and sexual discrimination. It has everything to do with justice…

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