For President @MBuhari, the honeymoon is over

This perfectly encapsulated my thought


March 28, 2016. It’s been one year since we voted to reclaim our country from the band of thieves that had plundered our commonwealth and left our country prostate. One year since we rode the rollercoaster of emotions that heralded our victory march. Many are still on that thrill ride but for the bulk of us, we are flustered by how much our country has floundered since. I am one of those who cheered, campaigned and lobbied for this change at own cost. One year ago, our dreams were rather simple enough: take back our country from career politicians; jail the looters and bring us back on the path of greatness. It is sad to say, however, that the past year have been a forgettable one. The economic and social pain is so much that it numbs any elation over the ground breaking corruption investigations and trials going on. I…

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